On this website, I provide a range of commentary and research on a broad spectrum of issues. In particular, I have a fascination with the intersection of humanity and the environment, through the medium of technology. This means I am particularly interested in the way that technology reconfigures human society, and humanity’s interaction with the environment.

The content on this webpage comes in one of two forms, either research papers or commentary. Research papers are formally researched pieces of either public policy or academic research. They are found on their own part of the website in a downloadable format. The commentary is just the nominal part of the blog, where I comment broadly upon relevant issues.

When I write, I write from a broad mix of academic and community experience, which includes 15 years of political activism, and an education in legal theory, public policy, sociology, politics, and international relations. I approach each article with some objectivity, even though they contain my particular biases. I write according to the following rules:

  1. I justify my opinions and reasons with evidence;
  2. I write for an audience with some level of higher education; and
  3. I only anecdote when my personal experience is directly relevant to the subject at hand.

For more information on the subjects I write about, I refer you to the page on Prometheus.


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