On the Campaign Trail – Part 3

As we go into the final week of the Australian federal election, I will attempt to write several shorter pieces, each relating to an aspect of the election. The intention is to provide a single piece each week day, they will necessarily be a little bit shorter.

Polling the Senate

So this week, we got our pre-poll numbers from London. It’s not perfect, and this is just a piece of fluff, but I’m far too tired after running a stall to give you a proper article.

I ran the numbers through Anthony Green’s Senate Election Calculator with some amendments:

I gave 4% to PUP in each state, and 7% in Qld. I also have KAP 4% in Qld. In ACT and Tas, I left the percentage of the Greens based on last Federal election.

LNP = 37% of primary, ALP = 28% of primary, and GRN = 18% of primary.

It would produce these results:



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